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We provide you the greatest selection of government comparison products, services, and analyses to help you manage, market to, or otherwise influence your state & local governments. This site is the simplest introduction to our philosophy, a few of our products, and our comparison technology.

Our Products

Governments of Your State(the standard comparison tool: annual series, 38 state/regional volumes each year. Over 600 ratios per government)

Cities & Counties Graphic Performance Analysis (comparisons in chart form, annual series of analytic charts, by peer group, within state)

High Performance Governments summary study of those governments best using their resources

Current and Topical Studies Fiscal Stress Index, etc.

Debt Management (annual, national review of overlapping debt & taxes, debt ratios for each taxing authority, within county)

Our Services

Government Search (see if your government is in the 2007 books)

Consulting & Resources

Advanced Studies

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